What Does WTM Mean on Snapchat?

WTM Mean on Snapchat

It’s a sign they’re laughing out loud when they text you LOL. Whenever they text TTYL, it implies the conversation is over and they’re going to “Talk To You Later.”

Now, what about when they text you WTM? How would you respond?

Internet slangs are used online by users as a means of communicating to save time. Texting, social networking, instant messaging, and face-to-face communication can all use internet slang abbreviations. The Internet is filled with slang words, acronyms, ingroup memes, abbreviations, etc.

LOL, TTYL, and TC are slangs that have been around for a while and are now widely understood. Every day, though, Snapchat’s slang lexicon adds new acronyms. WTM is a good example. It could mean several sentences depending on the circumstances of the conversation.

Let’s have a look what it means on Snapchat.

WTM Meaning on Snapchat

WTM acronym, popularly known for “What’s The Move” on Snapchat.

It could be also something like “What’s The Matter?”, Or “Whatever That Means” when said sarcastically.

How to Use WTM

What’s The Move is the most popular abbreviation for WTM. This online slang is used to enquire about the next plan or step while preparing an event or hanging out with buddies. So, if someone’s birthday is mentioned in a friend’s group and you text WTM, it suggests you’re inquiring about the party or hanging out plans.

WTM can respond to any question about the next step, program, or move. WTM is commonly used in adverse scenarios, such as when something unexpected occurs, or a plan fails. Put another way, it conveys the idea of letting go of the past and focusing on the future, which is both positive and motivating.

WTM can be used to inquire about your friends’ locations. You can use “WTM” to elicit information from your buddies about what’s going on. When used in this context, it implies that you’re trying to get together and do something, but you don’t have any specific plans. You might text or message someone WTM if you seek something to do.

Other Abbreviations for WTM

Apart from its popular meaning “What’s The Move”, WTM can have some different meanings as well such as “What’s The Matter?” or “Whatever That Means”.

When someone acts odd (for instance, makes no sense, is quieter, or is disruptive) it is a way to check in on him or her using “What’s The Matter” acronym. In the same context, RUOK (Are You Okay?), UK (You Okay?), ITE (You All Right?) or WIWWY (What Is Wrong With You) are few acronyms similar to WTM (What’s The Matter).

The phrase “Whatever That Means” is used in conjunction with WTM to indicate cynicism on the part of the sender in answer to a statement. Alternatively, it may also indicate a genuine inability to comprehend or represent a request for assistance.

WTM Examples

Since there are several meanings to WTM, following are some of the examples for respective acronym meanings.

What’s The Move Examples

  • When will we meet? WTM
  • WTM, let me know the time and location.
  • We’ve been throwing ideas around all day. WTM?
  • WTM buddy, I’m all set!

What’s The Matter Examples

  • It sounded like you were angry tonight. WTM
  • WTM? Let me know what’s wrong!
  • WTM? Are you okay?
  • I’m really worried. WTM?

Whatever That Means Examples

  • He claimed it was about him, not me. WTM.
  • She called him unique. WTM.
  • It was said to be a reasonable payment.
  • “You look amazing,” she said. Ah, WTM.


Texting and chatting are easy and quick thanks to slang and acronyms. WTM is not the only slang word you will see on Snapchat every day, but there are many others as well such as GTS, WSG, KMS etc that are widely used by users on Snapchat.

However, we have tried to summarize all the relevant information and meaning of WTM in this article and hope that it has been helpful.

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