What Does WSG Mean on Snapchat?

what does wsg mean on snapchat

Want to know what does the WSG mean on Snapchat? Snapchatters make use of this slang occasionally when gets angry over something.

Texting and Social Media platforms existed long before acronyms became prevalent. In today’s day and age, they could not have achieved the kind of status they have without daily texting or social media. Each new generation that enters social media introduces new acronyms, and it’s becoming more difficult to determine what they stand for.

There is no doubt that this is difficult for those who wish to remain abreast of current lingo, as new acronyms sometimes appear, but one may need to or simply wish to learn for its own sake. Snapchat has been circulating an acronym known as WSG, which even intuitive acronym guessers have had difficulty reading.

But what is WSG and how does it work on Snapchat? Read on to learn more. 

WSG Meaning on Snapchat

WSG stands for “what’s good?” on Snapchat.

Essentially, “What’s good?” is a way to ask how someone is doing without being too formal.

It’s obviously complicated for people who want to stay current and up-to-date with language because a new term appears regularly, yet one may be forced to or simply want to learn to know.

WSG is an acronym that has been regularly used and trending on Snapchat, and even the most seasoned acronym guessers are perplexed by it. So how do you utilize it?

Everything you need to know about WSG is right here in this guide.

How to use WSG?

There are several different ways to ask someone how they are doing and how they are feeling, such as ‘What’s Up‘ or ‘How Are You‘. Unlike them, “What’s Good” can have an alternative meaning.

WSG is the most commonly used definition on Snapchat. The term is often used as a starter for a discussion between two people. This slang works well as a substitute for “What’s Up” and “How’s it going”.

The preferred way to use WSG is in conversation on Snapchat, but you can also ask What’s Good or present what’s good as part of a Snapchat story.

We’ve listed some conversation starters below. It’s more appropriate to ask a question, not a statement.

  • WSG man?
  • WSG at the event?
  • WSG on the menu?
  • WSG at the restaurant?

Different means of WSG

In cases where What’s Good does not appear to reflect the context of the conversation, each party may refer to a different full-form. Other acronyms in pop culture include White Girl Status and With Special Guest.


If you’re curious about the meanings of WTM, KMS, GTS, and want to double-check before using them on Snapchat, check out the articles linked and keep updated on these new acronyms.

For more information or if you have any questions regarding this article, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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