What Does Mean CWOT In Texting? Uses & Example

What Does Cwot Mean?

Do you have friends who do stupid stuff all the time and want you to tag along? Do you want to say no to them without being uncool? Do you want to stop wasting your time and start doing something productive? Don’t worry because “CWOT” is here to save you

What does “CWOT” mean?

CWOT is an abbreviation of “Complete Waste OF Time” which means something is so boring or unproductive that it is just wasting your time. For example, your friend forced you to join him in French class and the class was so vague that you didn’t learn anything, in this situation you can say “CWOT”.


Following are a few examples of usage of “CWOT”
• My clothes got wet in rain, washing them went CWOT.
• I’m not gonna attend the class because I know it would be CWOT.
• Learning C language is CWOT.
• Negotiations were CWOT because there was a deadlock throughout.

What does “CWOT” mean in chat?

In today’s fast-paced world it is very difficult to text complete sentences to people and it’s pretty out of fashion too. So abbreviations like CWOT are the best way to go. In chat, CWOT means “Complete Waste of Time”.

Related Slangs

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Keep your slang knowledge up to date so that it is easier to communicate with Gen Z, especially over the phone. Gen Z is an interesting and demanding generation, so don’t make them say “CWOT”.

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