What Does KMS Mean on Snapchat?

KMS Meaning on Snapchat

Want to know what does the KMS mean on Snapchat? Snapchatters make use of this slang occasionally when gets angry over something.

Social media slang can be tricky. As it doesn’t have a dictionary, there is no way to search for acronyms. The acronyms are very common on social media. Using Internet lingo is quick and entertaining.

Newcomers often get lost in this acronym vocabulary since this language was probably created by social media users themselves.

One of them happens to be KMS. An acronym usually used in messaging and conversations and on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms. But what does KMS slang means on Snapchat?

Of course, KMS does not mean kilometers. On Snapchat, KMS stands for ‘Kill Myself.’

You can use it as a melodramatic expression to demonstrate faux fury to your lover, bae, or friends. However, it might be a threat of suicide or expressing melancholy, grief, or disdain on a more severe level. KMS is a sarcastic manner of expressing dissatisfaction with something or someone. For instance, if my fake ID fails to function tonight, I’ll KMS. 😂

Another example could be the following:

KMS Slang Use

Exaggeration of sentiments is the primary concept of acronyms such as KMS, WSG, WTM or GTS. When someone says KMS, it does not mean that he is planning to kill himself, but rather that he exaggerates or overreacts to an adverse event.

Put another way, it’s a means of expressing how distressing or incorrect something is. If someone uses it sincerely, though, it is alarming and should be considered.

KMS is a popular app among teenagers, who frequently use it to express their dissatisfaction with social network posts.

Other Meanings of KMS

Well, KMS doesn’t only stand for Kill Myself. There are many more full forms available for it, and we have listed them here.

  1. Kill Me Slowly
  2. Kiss My Swag
  3. Kill Myself
  4. Killing Me Softly
  5. Kiss Me Silly

The Other Snapchat Terms You Need To Know

In addition to KMS, you should become familiar with many other Snapchat terminology. A few of the most commonly used terms are listed below.

Similar Acronyms to KMS (Kill Myself)

  • FML (F*ck My Life)
  • GFY (Go F*ck Yourself)
  • KYS (Kill Yourself)


Snapchat’s popularity is probably due to its acronyms. These slang words keep appearing as more and more of us use them. You never know, maybe this slang will become a standard on the internet soon.

The word KMS is not meant to be an offensive or incorrect word unless it is used in such a way. An angry reaction to a situation or thing that is unpleasant or irritable is what it is. Next time, when someone uses KMS in his post, you won’t be as confused as you were in the beginning. I hope you have now learned more about the Snapchat acronym than before. 

Disclaimer: This content may include sensitive topics such as self-harm or suicide. The website’s owner has no intention of encouraging or propagating such behaviour. It’s only a piece of informational content, and we strongly oppose such actions or behaviours.

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