What Does SUS Means in Texting and Social Media?

sus meaning in text, tiktok, snapchat, among us

In text messages and social media, SUS stands for suspicious. When something is wrong, it alerts others. Find out what Sus means in detail.

“Sus” has become popular this year, but what does it mean? Here is a look at how slang like this emerged on the web and how it has influenced our language.

In the world of teens, you might have heard them call something “SUS” — short for “suspicious” or “suspect.” One reason for calling something “sus” is if they seem dishonest or untrustworthy.

It is a slang term for not trusting someone or something. The term has been around for a long time, and many people believe it comes from the 2018 game “Among Us.” However, it is much older than that game: signs of it being used from the 1920s date back to the time of Shakespeare.

What is SUS in Text Slang?

SUS is a slang term that combines the words suspicious and suspects. Either of these words could have influenced the development of slang. Sus is a word that can replace either of the terms. In apps like Snapchat and TikTok, the phrase is frequently used.

On the other hand, Sus has ventured beyond the bounds of social media platforms. The terminology is increasingly widely used in IM apps like WhatsApp and everyday speech!

Because it can be interchanged with suspicious or ‘suspect,’ the term sus is context-dependent. You can interpret the term differently depending on what the sentence requires.

How To Best Use the Term Sus?

The term ‘sus’ has become commonly utilized across various platforms. You can either write it down or look for a sticker to represent it! In any case, always double-check the context before employing a phrase.

SUS In Text

Texting is the most convenient way to utilize the phrase. In messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram, ‘sus’ can be used. Substitute ‘sus’ for the word ‘suspicious’ in a sentence. You might also simply use the term as a response in and of itself.

For example:

Person 1: Did you know that he got a scholarship?

Person 2: oh right, Sus

In Snapchat Snaps and Stories

You can also use the term to respond to someone’s snap or story with a snap of your own. You can even incorporate it into your account. There are some stickers on Snapchat that you can use to express the word ‘sus’.

Launch the Snapchat app and capture a snapshot with the Snapchat camera to send as a snap. Now, on the right-hand panel, press the stickers button.

Use the search box at the top to find the term’ sus. You might instead use different search terms that mean the same thing. For example, ‘abnormal,’ ‘weird, “spooky,’ and so on. Similar stickers will be available for words that rhyme with ‘suspicious.’

SUS Mean In Among Us Game

Sus is simply a word that means “suspicious“. It is usually used with the preposition “of” as a verb. The phrase “I’m Su of X” or “I’m Su of Y” is frequently heard on TV or in movies. A speaker may doubt that X or Y could be an imposter when they say this.

You can be a master at communicating by knowing the Sus meaning and all other words used in Among Us.

In Among Us, Crewmates talk in chat, which is without a doubt one of the most important features. In order to make your point understood, you must be able to describe it in a simple and effective manner. To be able to say more information in fewer words, you also need to know the Game’s vocabulary.

Among Us players generally use the following terms. For example: 

The word is also commonly used as a noun by players. This is where the term “throw sus” comes into play, e.g., “A is throwing sus on B“. In other words, A is suspecting B and trying to place the blame on him.

“High sus”, “heavy sus” or “really sus” can also be used as adjectives or adverbs. In both cases, the meaning is the same.

In Instagram DMs

Instagram offers a messaging feature called Direct Messages, or DMs. You can utilize sus to answer a message sent to you by a friend. If you think the post is suspicious, simply reply with ‘sus’ in the DM.

Instagram stickers can also be used to respond to direct messages. Launch the Instagram app and touch the DM button in the top right corner to use a sticker. Find the chat and touch the ‘Stickers’ button next to the text field.

Search the term ‘sus’ in the search field for terms like strange,’ ‘weird, “spooky,’ and even suspicious.’

As a GIF (using Gboard)

GIFs are a fun way to convey a feeling or a concept. GIFs can be used in various messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Telegram, and Instagram, as well as in the messaging functions of social media platforms. GIFs may be used directly from your virtual keyboard, allowing you to carry them wherever you go.

Launch any messaging program, such as WhatsApp, to utilize GIFs on Gboard. Go to the chat room where you wish to use the GIF now. By tapping on the textbox, you can access your virtual keyboard.

Now, on the panel above the keyboard, select ‘GIF.’ Search for terms like ‘strange,’ ‘weird, “spooky,’ and even ‘suspicious’ related to the word ‘sus’. To send the GIF right away in the chat, tap it.

What does ‘mad sus’ mean?

The term ‘mad sus’ is used similarly to sus, but with a stronger connotation. It means ‘mad suspicious,’ which translates to ‘very suspicious.’ When the matter at hand is more suspect than usual, you can substitute ‘mad sus’ for sus. On social media platforms, you can use the term in the same way as mentioned before, with stickers and related words to better express it.

What is ‘kinda sus’?

You can express a smidgeon of mistrust rather than a full-fledged suspicion.

For instance, “Lyndsey is acting a little sus.”

This indicates that someone is acting shady rather than entirely suspicious. It might show that you are not quite sure about something suspicious.

What are SUS People and SUS Things?

Individuals who have been accused or convicted of lying or hiding information are classified as SUS. If you suspect someone of lying, they are sus. “You look a little resentful,” you might say in this case.

If someone has concealed motives, this is also true. If someone approaches you and asks, “May I borrow your phone for a call?” you say no. However, certain elements are doubtful. This could be a tangible item, such as a phoney product you purchased, or something more abstract, such as a fantastic offer. A notable example of suspicion is buying an “iPhone” online that appears to run a 10-year-old version of Android.

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