How to Turn Off or Deregister iMessage on iPhone or iPad?

How to deactivate deregister iMessage on Iphone

A user can send an iMessage through the iPhone’s Message app with no carrier charges since the messages are sent through the internet. Since you won’t be charged for the message, it is a great way to communicate with others. In the event that you switch from your iPhone to an Android phone, you may encounter some problems, especially if you do not deactivate iMessage.

Former iPhone users are reporting that their fellow iPhone users are no longer able to send them text messages. It usually happens when someone sends you an iMessage instead of a normal SMS. The problem is that many users don’t know how to deregister iMessage, so they miss important messages because they don’t know how.

We’ll show you how to deregister iMessage using an iPhone, iPad, as well as online if you don’t have access to iPhone.

Method #1 – Deregister iMessage using iPhone

As long as you still have the Apple device, reinsert your SIM card and then follow the following steps to deregister from the IMessage service.

1. On your iPhone, open the Settings app & Tap “Messages”.

Open Iphone settings App
Tap Messages in Iphone Settings

2. Turn off iMessage by clicking the toggle button.

iMessage Setting
Turn Off iMessage Iphone

3. The next step is to navigate to the FaceTime settings page.

Facetime setting iphone

4. To fully deactivate the iMessage service on your iPhone, toggle off FaceTime.

Turn off FaceTime on Iphone
FaceTime Disabled

Method #2 – Deregister or Turn Off iMessage Online Using Apple’s Self Solve (Without Phone)

In the case of non-access to your iPhone, or if turning off the iMessage didn’t work, you can deregister iMessage online. You can deactivate your phone number from the iMessage servers online using this process.

Click here to visit Apple’s deregistration page. Go down to the second section that says ‘No longer have your iPhone?’.

1. Select your country from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking the flag.

2. After that, enter the number you want to deregister iMessage from and click the ‘Send Code‘ button.

Deregister iMessage Online

3. You will receive an SMS confirmation code that you need to enter and click ‘Submit‘.

Turn Off iMessage Online

That’s all. Isn’t that simple, huh?

You will receive a confirmation message after your number is deregistered.

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Does Deregistering iMessage takes a Long Time?

Your number will be removed from iMessage services when you complete the deregistration process. However, some Apple devices may take a few hours to recognize that your number is actually deactivated. Afterwards, you’ll start receiving SMS messages instead of iMessages.


You should start receiving text messages right away, but the deregistration process can take a couple of hours. After that, any messages you receive will be text messages. As long as you didn’t turn off iMessage using the previous method and you used Apple ID for iMessage, any messages you send will be received on any Apple devices you have.

If you are still facing the issue, we recommend you to read the guidelines in detail and try once again. If the issue still persists, then contact us please. We’ll be happy to help.

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