How to See Deleted Tweets?

See Deleted Tweets

Probably one of the best and most well-known social media platform sites nowadays is Twitter. With nearly 400 million active users worldwide, it ranks among the top providers of headlines, infotainment, and collaboration.

Businesses can benefit from using Twitter because it is far more than a social networking tool. However, could it be possible to check out deleted tweets, just in the sense you’re interested? Well, in a certain respect, it is conceivable. Although Twitter has kept it challenging, it really isn’t impossible to see deleted tweets. This blog post will assist you in this quest.

A Brief Introduction to Twitter

Social networking sites are what move the globe nowadays. Countless folks only keep up with news around the globe on their feeds on social media. These days, Twitter in particular has become the most widely used social news platform, and news spreads there the quickest.

Each individual on this platform has a perspective, and a single tweet can completely change the dynamic. A tweet that gets attention may turn you into the hero or the villain of your personal tale or someone else’s for that matter.

Using Twitter, privacy is a rarity because so many users are closely watching what you do. In a related vein, you might also wish to keep a critical eye on what other individuals do and post.

You may well have concerns about a deleted tweet that mentions you since there isn’t an official method on Twitter to view or see deleted tweets. Regardless of whether it did name you, you would simply be notified of the mention, and it’s going to be erased along with the original tweet as pretty shortly as the original poster deletes it.

You can still utilize countermeasures to locate deleted tweets, though. However, these techniques don’t always guarantee data confidentiality and security and therefore aren’t strongly advised.

Here I will show you how to see deleted tweets hassle-freely if you’re fresh to Twitter. In actuality, you can also retrieve deleted Twitter posts, snaps, and video clips using the same techniques mentioned below.

Methods to See Deleted Tweets

Public figures and casual users frequently delete tweets in order to obscure content from Twitter that fails to interest them. On Twitter, the following are the main methods for seeing deleted tweets. Have a look at each procedure in detail.

See Deleted Tweets via Twitter’s Advanced Search

If you get in touch with Twitter Help Desk and ask them how to locate your outdated or deleted tweets, they might suggest using Twitter’s Advanced Search.

Discovering deleted tweets can be done using Twitter’s Advanced Search option, which itself is a great resource. For novices, all you are required to do is type in the precise terms, groups of words, or other information you remember about the tweet you’re looking for.

  1. First, launch the “Twitter” application on your mobile device either from the home screen or the app library.
  2. Next, navigate to this link. This is the link to the official “Twitter Advanced Search” feature.
  3. After that, under the section titled “Accounts”, tap on the “From These Accounts” field. Then, insert the username in this selected field. 
See Deleted Tweets via Twitter’s Advanced Search
  1. Now, you can also provide relevant information in sections i.e., “Words”, “Filters”, “Engagement”, and “Dates”
  2. Finally, once done with these things, proceed with tapping on the “Search” button present in the upper right-hand corner of the prompted “Advanced Search” box.
Twitter’s Advanced Search

All of the tweets from the chosen time period will be shown on Twitter when you hit “Search”. The most pertinent tweets are displayed after “Advanced Search” removes the unnecessary elements. Most probably you would be able to locate the tweet you’re hunting for, otherwise needn’t fret, move on to the next technique.

See Deleted Tweets With Twitter Archive

The only thing you need to retrieve those erased tweets is a Twitter account. The “Twitter Archive” is an excellent resource at hand. If you want to see tweets that you’ve wiped off your Twitter profile, this is one of the best methods.

  1. To begin, open the “Twitter” app on your smartphone. 
  2. Next, to access “Twitter’s Archive”, tap on the option labeled “More”
  3. After that, from the whole list of different options, tap on the one named “Settings and Privacy”.
  4. Now, from the opened screen, tap on the option i.e., “Download an Archive of Your Data“.
See Deleted Tweets With Twitter Archive
  1. Next, get ready to authenticate yourself with a code that will be emailed to you. 
  2. After that, proceed with tapping on the button labeled “Request Archive”, under the section titled “Twitter Data”. Twitter will send you an email with the archive within roughly 24hrs.
Twitter Request Archive Button
  1. Finally, upon extracting the zip archive, launch a new tab in your web browser to access the Twitter window. You may now look through your old and deleted tweets utilizing the new date-based search function.

See Deleted Tweets by Inspecting Google Cache

Twitter posts from popular accounts that have been deleted lately can still be retrieved using “Google’s Cache”. This amazing Google feature stores multiple copies of just about every website, for instance, the requested link is unavailable. In a similar vein, you may easily verify deleted tweets in the Google cache, if the originals are inaccessible.

  1. First, launch a new window/tab. Then, conduct a search for “Twitter along with the username”.
  2. Next, the latest tweets of the selected profile will show up in your search results. Select cached by tapping the little three-dot arrow adjacent to any entry.
  3. After that, you’ll be taken to a copy of the tweets that Google has saved for posterity. The cache’s creation and modification dates will also be prominently displayed at the top.
  4. Finally, do not hesitate to snap a screenshot of the desired tweet, if you finally locate it.

See Deleted Tweets via Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine is a database that saves copies of websites at various points in time. Over the course of several years, a massive archive of over five hundred billion websites has been created and preserved. Because of this, you can utilize the Wayback Machine to view an archived version of a webpage as it appeared at a precise moment in the past.

Tweets that have been deleted can also be viewed using the Wayback Machine by entering the Twitter web address (URL) and choosing a timeframe. There’s a chance you might view every tweet sent on a certain day, even if it was deleted afterward.

  1. First, launch a web browser of your own choice on your system.
  2. Next, navigate to this link. This is the link to the “Internet Archive Wayback Machine”.
  3. After that, inside the search bar, paste the link to the Twitter page, that you desire to retrieve.  
  4. Now, click on the button labeled “Browse History”. It will be present right next to the search field.
See Deleted Tweets via Wayback Machine
  1. Next, a snapshot of the webpage will be available once the Wayback Machine successfully scanned it.
  2. Finally, be sure to specify the exact date/time when the tweet was deleted so that you can try to locate it.

See Deleted Tweets With Third-Party Apps

Unfortunately, the efficacy of the aforementioned strategies for recovering deleted tweets is minimal. You’ll need to download a separate application if you want a comprehensive answer to restore erased tweets. In my study, I settled on a few of the best free internet apps that can undelete tweets without a doubt. So, without any further ado, let’s have a look at a couple of them in detail.


When you need to quickly locate a tweet from the past, turn to “SnapBird”. You could also view the number of times your tweets have been liked or retweeted, look back at tweets in which you have been featured, check out the tweets of the individuals who follow you and even search for tweets from other users.

SnapBird’s many features allow users to examine their tweets, discover someone’s account’s preferred tweet, and much more. Deleted tweets can be retrieved with SnapBird by following these simple guidelines.

  1. Look up “SnapBird” in the browser.
See Deleted Tweets With Third-Party Apps (SnapBird)
  1. Verify that you really are logged into Twitter.
  2. To conduct a search within your account, simply use the search field located in the upper left-hand corner and enter a key phrase.
  3. All outcomes are presented in reverse chronological order, depending on the date of publication, making it simple to locate specific tweets. You can also customize your search by specifying a start date in the past.


You can use accessible third-party services to recover deleted tweets if you are unable to locate them through the official Twitter application. Sites like “Twipu” exist solely for the purpose of recovering erased tweets. The design of the UI is remarkably similar to a stripped-down version of Twitter. Provided next is a simple guide to using Twipu.

See Deleted Tweets With Third-Party Apps (Twipu)

To find a certain Twitter account, just type in their username. Then, Twipu will go through all of that individual’s tweets and make a list of all the ones that have been removed. You can use the list’s date filter to quickly find previously deleted tweets.

While Twipu can be useful for locating deleted tweets, keep in mind that it is not foolproof. However, some tweets that have been deleted from Twitter might still be viewable through this platform since Twitter occasionally discards tweets without permanently removing them from the platform.

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I hope this blog post on how to see deleted tweets using a few different methods was helpful. While there is no definitive way to do this, the techniques outlined above should give you a good place to start. Although there is no guarantee that any of these workarounds will work 100% of the time, they are definitely worth a try if you really want to see what someone tweeted and then later deleted.

Whether you’re trying to track down a specific tweet or just want to see what’s been deleted from your timeline, these tips should help you get the job done in no time at all. Do you know of any other methods for seeing deleted tweets? Let me know in the comments section below. Thanks for reading till the end!

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