How to Make a Rainbow Battery

Make a Rainbow Battery

Can you figure out what the hints are regarding the Rainbow Battery? Besides, would you prefer a colored battery indicator on your handset? Does what you’re hearing make sense?

The ability to personalize smartphone applications means they are widely used nowadays. Also, there are a plethora of apps available for mobile phones that let people change their visual effects.

That’s one reason why I am answering the question, “What is a rainbow battery, and how do you construct one?” here in this blog post. It’s a common query that people all around the world have at present. Let’s read the different sections and get a deeper understanding of the topic.

Useful Information Regarding Making a Rainbow Battery

As one of the most crucial indicators, the battery icon keeps users abreast of the device’s battery life. As a result, it has been a hot topic for some time now to alter the battery color status, and many users have utilized a variety of apps to accomplish this.

Useful Information Regarding Making a Rainbow Battery

However, while doing my study, I came across a piece that detailed how to change the color of the iPhone’s battery. Nowadays, our smartphone batteries come in either black or white shades. The iPhone’s battery indicator will be grayed out under typical conditions. If you switch to dark mode in the preferences, though, the bar will be white.

Earlier reports suggested that you may change the battery bar’s color by installing the relevant software or application. Plus, I uncovered some discussions where you may discuss changing the status bar color to reflect the battery level.

If the battery is somewhere between 90% and 100% charged, the app will display a green icon, and the color will change based on the battery percentage at the moment. However, I suggest only installing software from official sources like the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Avoid using third-party apps, as they are not trustworthy, and can breach your safety and security.

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Guide to Make a Rainbow Battery

After plenty of investigation and experimentation, some tech-savvy professionals realized that the battery status bar can also display other hues, such as green, yellow, and red, besides the standard black and white. Furthermore, the status bar is always green while the smartphone is completely charged up, but it can only become red or yellow when the battery life is minimal.

Check out the detailed instructions below to learn how to create your own Rainbow Battery. Take a close look at each step to fully understand the procedure.

  1. First, launch the Safari web browser on your iPhone, and navigate to this link
  2. Next, download the “Cydia” application, by tapping on the “Cydia Download” option.
Guide to Make a Rainbow Battery (Cydia App)
  1. After that, once completely and successfully downloaded, install this app on your iPhone.
  2. Now, when the installation process is finished, open the “Cydia” app.
  3. Next, inside the search field type “Colorful/Rainbow Battery”, and tap on the search button.
  4. After that, a free customization feature i.e., “Colorful/Rainbow Battery”, will be available to you.
  5. Now, select “Colorful/Rainbow Battery” from the “Settings” menu.
  6. Next, toggle on the option i.e., “Enabled”. Then proceed with tapping on the option labeled “Themes”
  7. Finally, pick the option named “Colorful”, and that’s how to make a Rainbow Battery on your iPhone. 

Note: To download Cydia on your iOS device, you have to visit this page using Safari (default browser) from your iOS device. Otherwise, if you are using some other web browser or an Android device, then you will see the following message i.e., “Unsupported Device!”

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This article addressed the issue of “How to Make a Rainbow Battery?”. I’m hoping that makes everything crystal clear now. Is there anything you learned from this piece of content? If you have any recommendations for improving this blog post, please leave them in the comments area. Also, if you liked it, share it with your closest friends and family members as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For what reason is the iPhone battery icon colored yellow?

Because your iPhone is currently operating in “Low Power Mode”, the battery icon has changed from white to yellow. To enable this function, pick the “Battery” option from the “Settings” menu, and then tap “Low Power Mode”.

Why is the battery icon on my iPhone showing up as white rather than green?

The sole explanation for why the icon representing the battery has modified color is due to the fact that the color of the “Home Screen” itself has been altered. Your iPhone will determine whether your standard battery icon should be black or white, or of any other color, depending on the texture of the background it’s placed on.

How come my smartphone’s battery is colored pink?

Some mobile device batteries come with a moisture indication label, that lets you know whether the battery has been exposed to water. Water causes the normally white battery sticker to take on a pink or red hue.

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