How to Make a New Snapchat After Being Banned (Top 4 Ways)

Make a New Snapchat After Being Banned

Some folks consider the transient nature of Snapchat’s posts exhilarating, but the application does have guidelines users must obey. You might get off with breaching a few trivial regulations every now and then, but it’s really an issue when doing so can get your account suspended. Moreover, has Snapchat blacklisted your gadget? Are you banned from Snapchat and curious about how to create a new account?

There are certain guidelines you must adhere to as a Snapchat member. The Snapchat terms of service and community guidelines outline the behaviors that will result in a suspension or deletion of your account. Even if you’ve been banned for life from using Snapchat on a particular gadget, is it possible to build a fresh account? Just keep reading to find out!

It’s possible to obtain a pass on breaking some of the smaller regulations on occasion. However, if you violate Snapchat’s policies consistently, your account could be terminated, for sure. The Snapchat block is directed at your individual device and Internet Protocol address.

Since the Snapchat penalty is tied to your IMEI number, you must purchase a new smartphone in order to create a novel account after being banned. If that’s the case, you can always start fresh by signing up with a different email account. Therefore, you can’t utilize the same mobile device to sign up for two different accounts. In any scenario, this problem is still correctable.

If you’ve been banned from Snapchat and would like to learn how to create a new account, read this blog post till the very end. Here, you’ll find out the reasons and possible solutions regarding this issue in detail!

Reasons Behind Your Account Being Banned by Snapchat

Are you the one facing the following issue i.e., Your Snapchat profile has indeed been banned and you are unable to use it? Possible causes include disobeying rules set forth by Snapchat’s user community.

I’ve compiled a brief summary of the most likely causes of your Snapchat account suspension. Examine each of these, and if you want to save your profile from being permanently terminated, try to refrain from doing any of these actions.

Inappropriate Language or Material

Snapchat Inc. has the ability to instantly detect and suspend accounts of individuals who engage in any illegal activity. Any Snapchat user that posts fake information or promotes unethical practices will be suspended from the platform immediately.

Inappropriate Language or Material

If any of the alleged misconduct listed next is detected while using Snapchat, you will be locked out of the app or your smartphone will be banned from using the service altogether.

  1. Snapchat users are being subjected to racist or hateful comments.
  2. Using Snapchat to advertise or engage in the sale of illegal goods. The purchase and sale of illicit substances (e.g., drugs or narcotics) or war materials is another example.
  3. Any sort of dishonesty, such as circulating misleading information, sending malicious code or spam, spreading falsehoods, or mimicking the actions of others.

Bot (Automated Systems) Usage & Other Questionable Activities

Snapchat will temporarily or permanently delete your account if you engage in questionable behavior, such as forwarding frequent direct messages to unknown individuals or a large number of friend requests in a short period of time.

If you haven’t confirmed your account’s cellphone number details, you may be permanently removed from the platform. Yet again, using automated programs or systems to handle your Snapchat account will result in immediate suspension of your profile access. So, it’s better to avoid these practices for your own benefit!

Abusive Behavior Towards Others or Oneself

Snapchat prohibits profiles and gadgets that promote or commit violent acts of any kind, whether directed at some of the other users or towards the user themselves. To harass, abuse, or intimidate another user is a violation of Snapchat’s Community Guidelines.

Harassment and bullying can take many forms, such as posting someone else’s sensitive information or images against their permission, refusing to take them down when asked to, repeatedly contacting someone despite getting banned, etc.

Snapchat will close your account and block your smartphone if inappropriate actions are taken using your profile. It will also permanently disable you if it is determined that assault or victimization has taken place via your account.

Inappropriate Language or Material

You risk having your Snapchat account terminated, if you send or receive sexually inappropriate messages or photos, or if you publish photos of yourself without clothing on this social media platform.

No pornographic, sexually exploitative, or nude images of children or their bodies may be posted on Snapchat, in any case. Especially if adolescents are depicted, you shouldn’t engage with this material in any way including viewing, sharing, or storing it on your own personal device.

Under no circumstances should anybody under the age of 18 years create or distribute adult material on the application. However, motherhood and other forms of asexual nakedness are permitted.

Inappropriate Language or Material (Not for Under 18)

An even more possible cause for the lifetime suspension of your Snapchat account is if you have downloaded and then utilized third-party applications and extensions to access your account, which is contrary to Snapchat’s terms of service.

SnapTool, Phantom, Emulator, Sneakaboo, Snapchat++, and SCOthman are just a few examples of programs and add-ons that can mimic Snapchat’s features. Some software and plugins are okay with Snapchat, but the priorly mentioned are not.

I know that for some people there’s a temptation to mess around with their Snapchat account and make it do more cool things. But let me inform you, that these enhancements won’t make Snapchat better; in fact, you may be permanently banned from using the app as a result of them.

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How to Make a New Snapchat Account After Being Permanently Banned from IP & Device Also

Once Snapchat has permanently restricted your handset, the only way to create a fresh account is to purchase a new smartphone and register for Snapchat with a brand-new email address.

If you get a new mobile device but keep the same contact number and service provider, you can make a new Snapchat profile using the same number. However, you cannot utilize the same email account for creating a Snapchat account again. Also, don’t waste your time switching SIM cards or changing the date, because neither will work.

Besides, it’s important to keep in mind that your machine’s IP address is what Snapchat is blocking. Therefore, you may have no choice but to get a new device and start over. Even though Snapchat has permanently banned your IP address and gadget, you can still make a new account using the below-mentioned methods.

Using Snapchat Support to Unlock Your Banned Account

In the first place, you may consider restoring your Snapchat account if you suspect that it has been breached as a result of a radical shift in the login IP address, repeated invalid login requests, or some other suspicious activity. These are the steps you must take in order to gain access to your Snapchat account.

  1. First, launch a web browser of your own choice. For this guide, I am using the well-known Google Chrome web browser. 
  2. Next, inside the address/URL bar, type in or paste the following link. Then, hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard.
  3. After that, once the page gets completely loaded, insert your email address/username and password inside the required fields, associated with your banned Snapchat account. 
  4. Now, click on the button labeled “Login”. Then, wait for a few seconds before you are successfully signed in to your account.
  5. Next, proceed by clicking on the option i.e., “Unlock My Account”.
  6. Now, keep an eye out for a “red note”. Any time you get the red “Permanently Locked” notification, you’ll need to get a new smartphone and build a new Snapchat profile/account. Alternatively, please click the “Unlock” button below to gain access to your banned account.
  7. After selecting “Unlock”, Snapchat will contact you through email with instructions for resetting your password.

If Snapchat has permanently locked your account or device, you can follow these steps to get back in.

Remove Any Third Party Applications, Add-Ons, or Customizations

If you’ve been banned from Snapchat and want to start over, you’ll need to uninstall any third-party programs like SCOthman, Snapchat++, or any other addons, before registering for a new account.

Snapchat++ Application

Snapchat Inc.’s Terms of Service prohibit the use of any third-party applications, so if you’ve been utilizing any, you’ll need to remove them from your device and create a new account.

Keep away from these types of unofficial downloads also, when you upgrade to a new smartphone. To double-check that these applications have been stripped away, undo all of them on your mobile device, especially if you have a rooted Android or jailbroken iPhone.

Getting in Touch With Snapchat’s Customer Service Center

If you believe that your Snapchat account was blocked or banned without justification, you can also reach out to Snapchat’s support team for assistance. Another possibility is that your account has been compromised. Therefore, Snapchat immediately disables it for your protection.

In this scenario, you won’t need to sign up for another account. You can send a message to Snapchat by visiting this page and entering your user id, email address, and contact information.

Then you should contact Snapchat’s customer service and clarify your predicament to them. If you have this kind of problem, notifying them may help you regain access to your account in a short span of time.

Get Yourself a New Mobile Device & a Fresh Snapchat ID/Account

If none of the preceding methods have worked for you, it’s likely that Snapchat has blocked your smartphone. Your mobile device’s unique IMEI number (which is essentially a serial number) has been banned as a result of the restriction.

In this instance, the best solution is to get a new phone and start a new Snapchat account. If you want to start fresh, you’ll have to use a completely new email address. Conversely, you can associate the same contact information and iCloud account. There is no issue with that!

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In the end, if you break Snapchat’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, your account will be banned, without a doubt. Additionally, if your account has been permanently disabled, you will not be able to register a new one from the exact same handset. After getting irrevocably kicked off Snapchat, the one and only way to start over is to purchase a new mobile device.

What do you think of this blog article? Are you a Snapchat user who has ever had your account banned or frozen? Share what happened to you, and how you dealt with the situation in the comments section below. Plus, if you have any doubts or queries in mind, don’t hesitate in mentioning them. I will try my level best to address your problems, in the best possible manner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of a Snapchat permanent ban?

If you violate any of Snapchat’s rules for the very first time, your account will be disabled for one day. However, Snapchat may permanently delete your account after a month-long suspension for repeated offenses.

Could Snapchat really block your phone number?

Despite popular belief, Snapchat can really ban your smartphone, but not your contact number. When Snapchat discards your account from a smartphone, you can no longer use this social media application on that handset. All accounts, including those with no issues, are subject to this.

Just how many complaints must be filed, before a Snapchat account gets banned?

At least, three reports are required to permanently ban a Snapchat account. Given that the behavior of its members is the foundation of every social network, Snapchat won’t take action until a very large number of users report the profile.

Is it possible to view, which profiles reported you on Snapchat?

As Snapchat reports are private, you won’t know who submitted them against you. Even if Snapchat deletes the offending user’s account or material after a report, the offender will be unaware that they were reported.

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