How to Enable Dark Mode On Mac?

How to Enable Dark Mode On Mac

Do you have trouble keeping your eyes open after working on a Mac for a while? Try out the Dark Theme! Changing your interface to a lower-contrast, darker color scheme is easier on the eyes and can help you focus on the task at hand, especially in low-light conditions.

You can easily activate Dark Mode on any device running macOS or later by following the steps outlined in this article.

We all know that black is not a color but a lifestyle and hence we all love black whether in clothes or on our Macs. Dark Mode is not only easy on the eyes but also makes your mac looks so much cooler.

Lets have a look at Dark mode in a little more detail along with their pros and cons.

What Is Dark Mode?

Most of the apps on your Mac look like printed books, with dark text on a light background. But if you stare at that huge white background for a long time in the dark, your eyes can get tired.

Dark Mode in macOS changes the colors so that the text is light and the background is dark. It’s alot easier on the eyes.

When you turn on Dark Mode on your Mac, a lot of apps and parts of the system change color. If you use a dynamic wallpaper, the colors will also change to darker ones. Even third-party Mac apps can use Dark Mode.

Designers put a lot of thought into the colors they use for Dark Mode to make sure it’s still easy to read. Many people like dark themes so much that they use them all the time.

Dark mode is also referred to as:

  • Night Mode
  • Black Mode
  • Light-on-Dark
  • Dark Theme

Advantages of Dark Mode

  • Uses less power, extending the life of your phone’s battery.
  • Reduces the risk of fatigue and dry eyes in dim lighting.
  • This means that your phone will generate less of the ‘blue light’ that can prevent you from falling asleep if you use it in the hours before bed.
  • Since it performs better in dim light, you can use it in bed without waking your partner or at the movies without disturbing those around you.
  • People who are sensitive to light or have visual impairments may benefit from using dark mode, according to some specialists.

Disadvantages of Dark Mode

  • It can be challenging to read light lettering on a dark background in a brightly illuminated setting.
  • Contrasting light and dark isn’t always healthier for eyes; it might make writing harder to see and cause headaches.
  • Prolonged exposure to darkness might make it difficult to read some types of information or text.
  • You won’t get much of a battery save while using dark mode on an older LCD screen phone. In order for this to be the case, you must have an OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display.

Last but not least, opinions on dark mode continue to be divided. While it remains unclear whether or not this practise actually aids sleep by reducing eye strain, at least you have the option of placing your phone in another room.

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Enabling Dark Mode on Mac

System-wide, Dark Mode uses a dark color scheme that also works with Mac’s default apps. And third-party apps can adopt it, too. Do note that dark mode can automatically adjust according to the time of day but if you want to keep it dark all day long or change the timing here is how you can do that.

Whether you are using a MacBook or a mac desktop, these steps will help you.

  1. Choose the ‘Apple Menu’ which is the Apple logo in the top-left corner of your Mac’s screen.
  2. Open ‘System Preferences’ open from the drop-down and click on ‘General’
  3. Select ‘Dark’ Appearance options at the top. Or you can select ‘Auto’ which will Automatically use the light appearance during the day and the dark appearance at night.

Note: You will have to update your macOS if you do not have these appearance options available.

How does Dark Mode Work with Apps and Features?

If you want some specific apps to be in dark mode instead of all of them follow these steps which are specific to each inbuild app.

  • Mail: Open mail and choose Mail Preferences, then click the Viewing tab and select “Use dark backgrounds for messages.”
  • Maps: open Maps and choose Maps Preferences, then click ”Always use dark map appearance.”
  • Notes: open Notes and choose Notes Preferences, then select “Use dark backgrounds for note content.”
  • Safari: Safari automatically shows a website in Dark Mode. If a website doesn’t support Dark Mode, you can use Safari Reader to read articles in Dark Mode.
  • TextEdit: Open TextEdit click View in the menu bar, then select Use Dark Background for Windows.

How to Switch Between Light and Dark Modes on MacOS?

Source: Apple

If you want to quickly switch between Light Mode and Dark Mode, you can simply do it with just a click. There are 2 different methods if you can switch between them.

The First Method Is The Easiest Of Both.

  1. In the top right corner of your screen, click on “Control Center.” It is the two-toggle logo.
  2. Click Display from the drop-down menu and select Dark Mode or Light Mode.

Note: if You do not see the Control Center update your Mac to macOS Big Sur.

How to Make Your Mac Even Darker?

You can make your mac even darker than the dark mode with this trick. While Dark Mode inverts the colors of certain apps, Night Shift your screen look less blue and more yellow which is scientifically proven to prevent headaches and eye strains. We have listed 2 methods to do this trick so choose whichever you feel more comfortable with:

Solution #1

  1. In the top-right corner of your screen, click “Control Center” and select Display.
  2. After that, click Night Shift and Dark Mode to enable them both.

Solution #2

  1. Click on the apple logo at the makes top left corner and select “Display Preferences” at the bottom of the pop-up window.
  2. Choose “Night Shift” and move the Color Temperature slider to “Warmer.”

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How to Activate Android’s Dark Mode

  1. Select Options > Display
  2. Select advanced
  3. On/off switch for dark theme

How To Enable The Night Mode on Samsung Smartphones

  1. Select Options > Display
  2. Activate night mode

How To Enable Dark Mode on Popular Applications

If you don’t have a current smartphone or operating system that supports dark mode, you can enable it manually on a number of smartphone apps.

Here are the steps to enable dark mode on popular applications like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, gmail etc.

Facebook Messenger: Click the profile photo icon to enable the dark mode setting.

Twitter: On iOS, tap your profile image in the upper-left corner, then tap settings and privacy > display in iOS, then toggle dark mode on.

To enable dark mode on Android, tap your profile image in the upper-left corner, then navigate to settings and privacy > display and Sound.

Gmail: Go to settings > general settings > theme in Gmail. Then select a bright, dark, or system-default theme.

YouTube: On iOS, press your profile photo and select Settings > Appearance > Dark Theme by tapping your profile photo and selecting Settings > Appearance > Dark Theme.

While on Android, tap your profile picture and select Settings > General > Dark Theme.

Slack: Open the options menu from the upper-right corner of any chat, press settings, scroll down to the dark mode section, and tap ‘enable’.


We hope this guide has helped you to make your mac dark and now you can sleep better with no more red eyes. Let us all achieve our sleeping goals and proper sleeping schedule through these simple tweaks in our lifestyle.

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