How to Delete Drafts on TikTok? (Easy Steps)

Delete Drafts on TikTok

Do you wish to take down a draft that you uploaded to TikTok recently, or in simple words are you wondering how to delete drafts on TikTok? Understanding how to get the most out of drafts can make maintaining your TikTok content much less of a hassle after you’ve filmed, saved, and edited them.

Social media application that only allows for short video clips named TikTok, is quickly becoming the go-to platform for disseminating and devouring all sorts of viral media. People who want to promote their personal work to the public have an attractive alternative in the service, where some celebrities and artists have developed their professional careers.

TikTok’s drafts feature enables users to easily evaluate and adjust accordingly to their stuff before it is publicly shared. The whole point of TikTok is to show off your skills to the entire globe. Composing a flawless clip is a lot harder than it looks from an outside perspective.

To create the footage, many edits are required, and yet you still may be hesitant to share the completed product online. Here is some more about what you ought to learn if you randomly drafted your video on TikTok, and are now looking to delete it.

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A Brief Introduction to TikTok Drafts

Drafts are recordings you’ve begun but not finished creating on TikTok and haven’t yet published. Videos are transmitted to TikTok’s server whenever a draft is saved. Moreover, TikTok video clips shot within the app itself will not appear on the smartphone’s camera roll or gallery.

A Brief Introduction to TikTok Drafts

Once you are satisfied with the final version of your footage, well before you publish it, you can save a draft. Besides, your TikTok profile can store as many drafts as you like. Best of all, only you are granted access to these saved drafts.

Step-By-Step Guide to Delete Drafts on TikTok

It’s simple and clear to delete drafts inside your TikTok application. Your profile is where drafts get stored. They will show up alongside your videos on the platform, yet no one but you will be able to watch them. Here is how to delete drafts on TikTok step-by-step.

  1. First, launch the “TikTok” application on your smartphone.
  2. Next, tap on the option labeled “Me”. It will be available in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. 
  3. After that, under the “Public Videos” tab, tap on the option named “Drafts”.
Step-By-Step Guide to Delete Drafts on TikTok
  1. Now, proceed with tapping on the option i.e., “Select”. It will be present in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Next, select the drafts which you want to delete from your TikTok app, by tapping and holding onto them for a moment. 
  3. After that, when you are done with your selection, finally tap on the option titled “Delete”. It will be available at the bottom of your screen, at the center. That’s all there is to it!
Guide to Delete Drafts on TikTok

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Now that you know how to delete drafts on TikTok, you can keep your account clean and tidy. If you have any unused or unwanted drafts, simply delete them using the steps outlined in this article. The process is pretty simple and only takes a few seconds to complete. This way, you can focus on the content that you actually want to post and avoid having a cluttered account. Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

For how long will my TikTok drafts be stored?

Your TikTok profile will store drafts endlessly. Once they’ve been published, though, they’ll no anymore be accessible in the drafts section. Likewise, drafts that you save to your smartphone, will stay there until you remove them yourself purposefully.
Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that your stored drafts will be deleted, if you uninstall the TikTok application. You can avoid this by storing or exporting drafts to your primary storage. That way you may rest assured that you have a restore point at hand.

Why my TikTok drafts vanished unexpectedly?

If you are signed into TikTok on a smartphone, the clips you have saved as drafts will remain there indefinitely. While recordings you add to your account are saved in the cloud, drafts you save are kept on your Apple or Android device. They are given the same treatment as every other app data on your handset because they are stored locally.
All of your saved drafts will be lost if you uninstall or delete the TikTok app. When this happens, any drafts you have stored or clips you have queued up to publish later will be lost permanently. Avoid these kinds of problems by constantly saving montages in TikTok drafts to your smartphone using the “Save to device” feature.

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