How to Change Your Age on TikTok?

Change Your Age on TikTok

If your TikTok profile states an incorrect age or birthdate, please contact the TikTok customer support team immediately. In 2021, TikTok made changes to its own safety system that made it impossible to modify your age inside the application and made all profiles belonging to individuals below 16 private. If you want to alter your age, you must get in touch with customer care and they may ask to see a government-issued identity card to confirm your actual name and age. However, changing your age on the popular video-sharing app TikTok is easier than ever before according to the detailed steps outlined in this blog post.

TikTok is a media sharing and streaming platform that selects video clips for its viewers depending on a range of characteristics, together with the members’ ages. Even while the application’s whole-hearted experience, as stated by its safety center, is intended for individuals aged 13 and above, the fact that a large portion of the app’s dozens of thousands of daily users is younger than the age of 18, has created security concerns for juveniles. For this particular reason, I’ve got the details on Tiktok’s age requirements and the possibility that you may update your profile to reflect your true age.

Step-By-Step Guide to Change Your Age on TikTok

If you want to update or change your age on TikTok but don’t wish to create a brand-new account, you may send an inquiry at this link or use the application’s help center to get in touch with the app’s customer service representatives. Here is what needs to be done:

  1. First, launch the “TikTok” application on your mobile device either from the home screen or the app library.
  2. Next, tap on the option labeled “Me”. It will be available in the bottom right-hand corner of your smartphone’s screen.
  3. After that, proceed with tapping on the kebab menu icon. It is the three vertical dots icon (⋮) present in the upper right-hand corner.
  4. Now, you will land on the “Settings and Privacy” page. Here tap on the option named “Report a Problem” under the section titled “Support”.
Report A Problem TikTok
  1. Next, tap on the option i.e., “Account and Profile”. It will be residing under the section “Topics”.
  2. After that, proceed with tapping on the chevron present right next to the option labeled “Editing Profile”.
  3. Now, from the list of options displayed, tap on the option named “Other”.
  4. Next, tap on the option i.e., “Need more help?”
Need More Help TikTok
  1. After that, under the heading labeled “Tell Us Your Feedback”, write something like “It’s important that I change my age, because the one that’s listed is wrong. May I ask for your assistance in updating this information asap?” or “I unintentionally entered wrong birth date and now I want to change it”.
  2. Finally, tap on the button i.e., “Submit”. That’s all!
Submit Your Feedback TikTok

Within a couple of days, you will receive a reply with further guidelines from TikTok’s support team, including instructions on how to upload a photo of your government-issued identification card to validate your age and birthdate.

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If you’re looking to change your age on TikTok, there’s a really easy way to do it. Just follow the steps in this article and you’ll be able to change your age in no time. Keep in mind that updating your age on TikTok won’t necessarily make you look any younger – it’s just a fun way to experiment with the app and see how people react to you when they think you’re of a different age. So have fun with it, and don’t take it too seriously!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me whether there’s anything on TikTok that’s inappropriate for minors?

While TikTok might insist on continuing to restrict sexually explicit content, it is additionally offering an option that will enable individuals to hold adult-only shows with vulgar language and provocative subjects. According to the press statement, TikTok envisions this feature being used for mature content such as comedic debates on controversial or upsetting subjects.

How come I can’t alter my age on TikTok?

Although your TikTok username and password can be changed, your age cannot be altered inside the application itself. Registering with an incorrect birth date will require contacting customer service. That’s the only possible solution at the moment.

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