How to Change Presence Status on Twitch?

How to change presence status on Twitch

How many of us have been on twitch for hours sometimes, watching videos, steaming, or doing whatever the heart desires. But we all know that sometimes we want to keep things private and low-key without getting disturbed by every chat on the channel or chat streams.

In other apps we can simply go online with a single click however, twitch does not have a DND mode yet 🤞 (finger crossed). But there is still hope. We can change the status on twitch manually by following simple steps, whenever and wherever we want. It will instantly show an offline statue even if you’re online and enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

The steps differ due to the device you are using twitch on. The online/offline status you set can be changed anytime you want plus it will reflect on all your twitch devices. So, keeping things simple, the following are the steps to change the presence status on the Twitch mobile app.

There are 3 options available in the Twitch mobile app – ‘online’, ‘invisible’ (offline), and ‘busy’. However, there is a slight change in the desktop mode which only offers the first 2 options which are – ‘online’ and ‘invisible’ (offline).

Don’t be dishearten yet, there is still a catch. You can choose to be busy on your phone and voila! It still reflects that same status on your desktop app as well.

Change Presence Status on Twitch Mobile App

To change your presence status from your mobile app, follow 4 simple steps and you can be ‘Busy’, ‘Online’, or ‘Invisible’, depending on your preference.

Step 1: Open your twitch app on your home screen.

Twitch Profile Icon

Step 2: Tap the user profile icon in the top left corner of your Twitch screen.

Twitch Profile Settings

Step 3: Now tap on the “Set Presence” option in the middle row of the menu.

Twitch Presence Settings

Step 4: Lastly, you can select the ‘Busy’ or ‘invisible’, or ‘online’ status. To enable it, just tap on that option.

The ‘busy’ status will show other users that you are busy with a red dot mark on top of your username. If you select ‘invisible’, your friends will think you are online when being the complete opposite.

The cherry on top, you can also choose to ‘hide your activities’ from other users by dragging the slider to the left. Now they will not see any videos or steaming you are watching.

Isn’t that cool?

Change Presence Status on Twitch Desktop App

Changing your presence status on the mobile app was easy, right?

Let me tell you that it is far easier, a piece of cake, to do the same on a desktop. It just needs a click and a slide!

Point to be noted, on the desktop app, you only have two modes – ‘online’ and ‘offline’. On the brighter side, we are down to 2 steps. Just open the app and…

Step 1: Click your user profile button on the top right corner of the screen. A menu will drop down.

Change Presence Status on Twitch Desktop App

Step 2: click on the toggle next to ‘online’ and simply go ‘offline’.

Offline Presence Status on Twitch Desktop App

And there you go, by following easy steps you can change your presence on twitch and carry on with an undisturbed experience while streaming your favourite content and watching from twitch’s library of millions of videos.


Solutions are provided for both desktop and mobile devices. Wherever you would like to turn off the presence status, you can do this by following the easy steps mentioned in this article.

Hope this guide turned out to be helpful for you. Spread the word to your friends to help us.

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