How to Automatically Bypass CAPTCHAs on Iphone’s iOS 16 🔥

How to Bypass CAPTCHAs on Iphone's iOS 16

Apple’s new feature for iPhones, avoiding or bypassing CAPTCHAs is definitely the talk of the town these days. iPhones have surpassed their counterparts in many aspects, still, some customers don’t feel comfortable with CAPTCHAs while browsing. Although it acts as a defense line for a website and its use has increased with the ever-growing platform of information technology BUT it can be annoyed sometimes.

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The use of traffic light images or squiggly text to prove you are human will soon be a much less frequent annoyance for iPhone users, thanks to iOS 16’s bypassing CAPTCHAs support.

As reported by TechCrunch, Apple will eliminate CAPTCHAs on the web with iOS 16 this year. A new feature called Private Access Tokens will tell a website whether you are a legitimate user and not a robot. This is done by combining details about your device and your Apple ID. Thus, you are able to completely bypass the CAPTCHA step.

How cool is that thing? Isn’t it? 

How does iOS 16’s Automatic Verification works?

According to Apple, the new system works “by allowing iCloud to automatically and
privately verify your device and account.” A new Automatic Captcha Verification feature
has been introduced in the iOS 16 updates and it will help users to bypass the Captcha
Verifications on websites quite conveniently. It does not require any other tools or your

This Automatic Verification feature will inform websites that the person who is using
your website is not a robot instead it is a human being. The process will use the
device’s information and the Apple ID to determine users automatically as a human.

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What actually happens after we turn on Automatic Verification on iPhone?

Automatic Verification on iPhone

iPhones are all about customers’ convenience but this convenience originates from a
complex process. Automatic Verification is also one of those, in which your device, your
Apple ID, Apple servers, and the server of the other website work together. Your device
will be requested for a verification token every time you visit a website that requires a

Then your iPhone or iPad will contact iCloud servers and request the verification of the
current device that is being used by you. The verification starts from Apple servers and
your identity will be verified. Then the servers contact the respective website you visited.
A verification token is requested that is specifically for your device based on the
confirmation. Then this HTTP PrivateToken is delivered to your device through iCloud
servers and helps the website automatically detect it.

In Simple words, it will confirm that you are not a robot. You will not be asked again
whether you are a human or not.

Right now this update is just for iOS, hopefully, similar features will be available on the
other platforms as well in the future. The purpose of CAPTCHA is beneficial but it
annoys the users. The users will have a hassle-free experience, moreover, the main
purpose of CAPTCHA will not be compromised with this new feature.
So how can we avoid it?

We have explained step-by-step that will help you effortlessly bypass the Captcha on
your iPhone running on iOS 16 with updated features.

  • Open Settings on your phone running on iOS 16.
  • Click on your Apple ID at the top of the window.
  • Then click on Password and Security.

Here, you will see the Automatic Verification option at the bottom, just turn it on.
Restart your phone and enjoy hassle-free browsing without any interrupting of

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What CAPTCHA actually is?

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“A CAPTCHA is a type of challenge-response test used in computing to determine whether the user is human”.

In CAPTCHA, people are required to evaluate letters, numbers, or pictures correctly. On
the basis of the result, the system identifies if the user is a human or not. It sounds a bit vexatious, but it definitely serves the purpose.

Why do Websites use CAPTCHAs?

CAPTCHAs are being used to make a system immune to risk. It provides a strong
security system for the websites and is helping numerous online marketers.

Website owners have to face a lot of problems, on top of the list is what we call spam.

It can damage the site’s authenticity which the owner definitely does not want. So with
CAPTCHAs, only serious users will go through the processes who really want to explore
the site.

CAPTCHA is a cost-effective method for websites to keep their material safe and
protect their dignity as well.

As users, we find it irritating but its purpose is without a doubt a valuable one.
Avoiding CAPTCHAs is certainly one of the best features that Apple has provided its
iPhones customers. Bypassing CAPTCHAs can be used quite simply in just a few steps
and iPhone users will not have to write wavy letters or numbers or match pictures

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In spite of the fact that CAPTCHA requests serve a good purpose, filling out CAPTCHA requests is irritating. Hopefully, features like this will be made available for other platforms over time. The original goal of CAPTCHAs should be preserved, but if there’s a way to make it easier for users, that would be great. 

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