How to Add Nearby Friends on Snapchat?

How to Add Nearby Friends on Snapchat

Snapchat is truly an entertaining and unique platform that allows you to interact and make new friends and with its inbuilt Snapmap feature your task of Adding Nearby Friends on Snapchat becomes even easier. Unlike other famous social apps, Snapchat makes it so easy to find old friends and also make new friends with just a few taps rather than finding them amongst hundreds of same-name accounts.

You can add friends on Snapchat through the Quick add feature or directly from your contact list which is great but these features are helpful up to a certain limit as you’ll only get recommendations from Snapchat based on mutual friends but what if you wish to broaden your horizon and make new friends near you or even add an old friend after a single meetup? Well, the great news is that Snapchat allows you to do so.

You can add nearby friends on Snapchat with just by few taps and we are here to guide you on How to Add Nearby Friends on Snapchat? Moreover, how does the Snap Map feature work? And how to add friends from your city or famous places?

Here you will learn how to find people around you on Snapchat using your current location. if you want to know How to Add Nearby Friends on Snapchat without having to go through any hassle, then this article is for you.

What Is Snap Map on Snapchat?

Using Snapchat Snap Map, you can share your location with friends interactively. You can also see friends when they share their location with you. Snapchat lets you see Bitmoji characters on the map if your friends have integrated their Bitmoji accounts.

Source: Snapchat

How to Add Nearby Friends on Snapchat?

These steps below will help you find and add people who are around you using the Snapchat app. They might seem complex but follow them step to step so that you don’t confuse the process.

  1. First, Open the Snapchat app and tap on the Map tab at the bottom left corner to open Snap Map.
  2. When prompted, allow Snapchat to have access to your location. You can also deny it which is up to your preference.
  3. Now, On the Snap Map, you will find your current location designated by your Bitmoji and blue or red spots all around it. Snapchat named them “hotspots” and they indicate that there are other users near you. Tap a hotspot near your Bitmoji whichever you prefer.
  4. Now, you can see stories from various users who uploaded them from the selected location. You can view more stories by swiping left/right When you see a story that you like and want to interact with the user who uploaded it, swipes up to the Try Lens option from the bottom of the page.
  5. tap on the Creator tab on the screen which will take you to the profile of the user who uploaded the story.
  6. Finally, The Creator tab will show you the name of the creator and their username. To connect with this person, tap on the Subscribe option.

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How Does the Snap Map Feature Work and Why it is Extremely Useful?

If you are a frequent Snapchat user and you wish to add new friends to Snapchat, the Snap Map feature can help you to do so. Though there are other features like quick add, scanning snap code, or add via contacts list, they are limited in nature and honestly, not at all fun to use. Snap map is not only colorful but also unique, which makes adding friends so much more fun.

There are generally four types of prominent components of Snapchat: snaps, Snapchat stories, places, and friends. on the Snap Map, through the Places feature you can interact with all the places near you. Simply open the Snap Map feature and tap on any location to see all the listings. you can also search places using the Search Bar feature and add locations to your favorites list by hitting the Love icon.

You can also view your Snapchat friends who have shared their location with you, Using the Friends feature on Snapchat. When you find someone on the Snap Map, you can tap on their name, and it will open the Direct Message window. Tap and hold on to the name to launch their profile screen. If you want to find a specific friend on the Snap Map, type in the username of any friend on the Search Bar at the top.

the Snap Map also has story features. Stories on Snap Map such as sports events, museums, restaurants, parties, and movie theatres.

People who allow their stories to be published on the snap map, only their stories will be accessible on the Snap Map. those who share photos on the Snap Map are automatically discoverable by other Snapchat users with a single tap on the Heat Map. Moreover, the area-colored Red signifies that the area is full of public snaps. whereas, if you see a blue-colored area on the Snap Map, it means the number of snaps shared is limited.

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How to Find More People From Your City?

If you can’t find that many hotspots around your area, there’s still a way to find people in different cities. For this,

  1. Open the Map tab on Snapchat.
  2. tap on your city’s name at the top of your screen.
  3. On tapping on the circle right next to the name of the city you can see a story that you like and want to interact with the user who uploaded it, swipes up the Try Lens option from the bottom of the page.
  4. From the tabs that appear next, tap on the Creator tab on the screen. This will take you to the profile of the user who uploaded the story.
  5. The Creator tab will show you the name of the creator and their username. To connect with this person, tap on the Subscribe option at the bottom.

You can also mark the place favorite if you like the place or forward the snap to your friends.

How to Check Snaps from Popular Places Around You?

Usually, there are a lot of stories from people in a city but not specifically from those around your location so you can filter them based on the location they were uploaded from. To do that check out stories posted from popular locations around you by tapping on Places or searching them from the search bar.

Open the My Places screen and tap on Stories for your desired location under Popular. Moreover, you can also find stories from your Favorites locations by tapping on the favorite and Visited tabs respectively in the My Places tab. Add Nearby is designed to show other users in your immediate vicinity. Add Nearby depends on the GPS location reported by the users’ devices, so it might not always be accurate.

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Snapchat is a versatile social app that is constantly introducing new features, that keeps the app updated and interesting to use. Though the filters are extremely entertaining to use, features like the snap map, adding friends, watching stories, etc. will keep you vested and entertained all day long.

We hope that after this guide you have improved your snap chatting skills and will surely return for more tips and tricks that we still have up our sleeves.

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