How Do I Turn Off RTT Calling

Turn Off RTT Calling

In order to help those folks who have trouble communicating verbally, cell phones now include a feature called “Real-time Text (RTT)” that sends out the audio as the user types, greatly improving their ability to interact.

Keep it disabled on your mobile device for routine phone calls, if you don’t plan on using it. But exactly how do you accomplish this? Below, I’ll go into greater depth about this topic. So keep reading, if you want to know how to get rid of “RTT” on your smartphone immediately.

RTT/TTY Feature 

Real-time Text (RTT) is a smart mobile device accessibility feature that enables both making and receiving calls, without utilizing the device’s built-in microphone and speaker. It can transcribe speech-to-text as well as text-to-speech, and the resulting message will appear and sound quite similar to a text when you receive it. When an RTT/TTY call ends, the conversation’s text is saved and can be retrieved later for reading or searching.

RTT/TTY Feature

During the span when RTT is enabled, a user can make a call via RTT/TTY rather than using their voice. Moreover, if your service provider enables it, you can use this method to make calls, where you can type a text into a field and have it read aloud to the person you’re calling. Plus, you can read and respond to their responses on display as they are translated instantly into text.

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How Do I Turn Off RTT Calling on iPhone?

The iPhone’s Real-Time Text (RTT) accessibility function is built in and cannot be detached entirely, however it can be disabled if you aren’t using it. You can activate or deactivate this function in your iPhone’s accessibility preferences, depending on your own choice. However, in order to turn off RTT on your iPhone, follow these steps sequentially:

  1. To begin, launch the “Settings” app on your iPhone, either from the “Home Screen” or
    App Library”.
  2. Next, keep scrolling until you find the option labeled “Accessibility”. Once found, tap on it.
  3. After that, under the section titled “Hearing”, tap on the option named “RTT/TTY”.
  4. Now, tap on the toggle button present right next to the option i.e., “Software RTT/TTY”, to switch it off. That’s all!
How Do I Turn Off RTT Calling on iPhone?

How Do I Turn Off RTT Calling on Android?

Both the “Phone” app and the “System Settings” allow you to disable RTT/TTY on your Samsung or any other Android smartphone. If the toggle isn’t visible or you can’t use it, you may need to upgrade your gadget or even restore it to factory settings, and begin over. Here’s how to turn off RTT calling on your mobile device running on Android OS.

  1. First, launch the “Phone” app on your smartphone from the home screen.
  2. Next, tap on the kebab menu icon (⋮). It will be present in the upper right-hand corner of your device screen.
  3. After that, from the context menu displayed, tap on the option labeled “Settings”.
  4. Now, a new screen will open. Here, proceed with tapping on the option named “Accessibility”.
  5. Finally, tap on “RTT mode” and switch it off. That’s all there is to it!
How Do I Turn Off RTT Calling on Android?

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I hope this article has helped you understand how to turn off RTT (Real-Time Text) calling on your smartphone. Although RTT is a great technology that can be useful for people with hearing impairments, it’s not something that everyone needs or wants. Others may find it disruptive or unnecessary.

If you fall into the latter category, I recommend following the steps outlined in this blog post to disable RTT calling on your respective Android or iOS device. Doing so is simple and only takes a few minutes, so there’s no reason not to give it a try if you’re not a fan of this feature. This will avoid any potential confusion or issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What purpose does RTT serve on my smartphone?

“RTT” is an abbreviation for “real-time text”. It’s one of the procedures that makes phone conversations easier for those who have trouble hearing or speaking. This cutting-edge technology is made to convey sound together with text, so the receiver can understand the message clearly. You can think of it as the ability to text during a cellphone call. Therefore, RTT is purposefully built into the OS of your cellphone to serve as an accessibility tool.

What setting is recommended for RTT/TTY, enabled or disabled?

If you aren’t using RTT/TTY mode, you should disable it. Doing so will prevent it from interfering with your device’s usual operation. If you do not have any visual or auditory impairments, you should deactivate this feature now.

When comparing RTT and TTY, what are the key distinctions?

The name “RTT” comes from the fact that the text is delivered alongside the speaker’s voice in real-time, facilitating natural interaction between callers. “TTY” on the other hand, necessitates sequential texting from the user’s phone. Those with the most up-to-date iOS or Android devices can use “RTT”. There is no special hardware needed for this capability.

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